Multiplayer mode



The multiplayer mode allows playing Balance of Power against other human players over the internet.



On the login screen you can either set up new multiplayer game, or you can choose an existing one to participate in. You can only log into an exisiting game if the number of (already playing) players is smaller than the maximal number of players of the selected room.


Starting the game

With a new game set up, you have to wait for other players having logged in. As soon as a new player joins your game, you will be informed on the message panel and you can start chatting with the new player. Whenever you think that enough players have chosen your room, you can start the game with the START button on the chat panel. Missing human players will be replaced by the computer.


When joining an existing game, you will have to wait for the player who has set up this room, to start the game.

While you are waiting, you might want to spend
your time playing pong or chatting with the
other waiting players.



During the game

Any action has to be taken within the previously set game time. After this time has ellapsed, the turn will be finished automatically. You can also finish the turn manually by pressing the NEXT-Button. The game will continue when all players have submitted their actions.
Afterwards, the program will try to synchronize the moves of all the players.

After the game has been started,
you can see the current state at
the lower right bound of the screen.






Certain actions can be executed only at the end of a turn. Moving an army to another country, for example, will be saved until all players have finished the turn. The saved move is represented by a pale image of the army. Only after the turn has been finished by all, the army will be moved. Once moved, an army can't be changed any more in multiplayer mode (e.g. increased).

Execution of army moves happens in the same chronological order with which the players have joined the game.

Certain actions will be executed after the game time
of the current round has elapsed, in order to synchronize
the actions of all players.


Multiplayer mode is still a beta version. If you discover mistakes or would like to suggest improvements, mail to